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The Truth About Sulfates

When we ask people why they prefer a sulfate free shampoo they almost always say “My stylist told me to avoid them because they are bad for my color” or “I read something online that said sulfate free was better” Well with so much misinformation floating around the internet we thought this would be a good chance to clear some things up.

Hair Stylists are super talented, but they are not cosmetic chemists. A majority of their education comes from brands that want to market their product to the stylists and their clients. If you ask most stylist what a sulfate actually is, few will be able to provide a correct answer.

There is 0 science proving that sulfates are drying, irritating, strip color or keratin. In fact the opposite is proven in most cases.

So What is a Sulfate?

A sulfate is a type of surfactant. Generally, its’s the ingredient in cosmetic products that makes it foam by binding together water and oil. There are a plethora of different sulfates derived from different places, most commonly from palm oil or petrochemicals. And not all sulfates are safe for cosmetic use. Some are meant for industrial and household cleaning and degreasing.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate are the three most common Sulfates used in personal care products.

but they are not the only ones. Here at Blest, We use sodium coco sulfate in most of our shampoo bars which produce lots of fluffy lather but is gentle enough to use in baby shampoos.

The Run Down

There is no evidence that any sulfate free formula will improve the health of your hair, prolong your color, give you more shine, or make your hair less frizzy. But because so many people request sulfate free shampoo we are in the midst of formulating one to satisfy our customers requests.

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