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In April of 2020, while 35 weeks pregnant with my daughter I contracted Covid-19. It was the early stages of the pandemic and not much research had been done regarding Covid and pregnant women. Let alone pregnant women who were high risk and had struggled with infertility in the past like myself. While in quarantine I started  researching all things sanitation and thinking about the future my kids would have. That's when Blest was born. Having been a serial entrepreneur and a stylist in the past myself, I wanted to find a way to create eco-friendly salon quality shampoos and conditioners that perform as well as the beloved products I was used too. After much research and application, Blest was born and so was my daughter Madeleine.  I like any mom had done my research on all the things I could do to maintain my wellness and sanitization to keep my baby safe. I was on a hunt for all things sanitizing and safe. I thought I did a great job. I bought all the classics, sanitizer, wipes, and masks galore. but when I saw my newborn daughter put my hair in her mouth, I thought to myself… what can I do?  We sanitize our hands, shopping carts, cars and anything else that could possibly be exposed, but our hair gets completely ignored. That’s when I started creating natural antimicrobial hair mists to do my part in protecting my little ones and myself from any cooties that could be attaching themselves to my hair. To say I felt Blest to make it through the ordeal of Covid and a high-risk pregnancy would be an understatement. 


We're not newcomers to the beauty space. We've been a part of this multi-faceted industry in many ways from cosmetology and makeup artistry to R&D and product development. But something changed in me when I became a mom. I realized even more so how important it is to create reusable sustainable products that not only benefit the now, but can benefit the future.

 This is a family brand working towards making sure your future generations are Blest. 

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